About me

About me

Why I became a celebrant

I love a good story. It doesn’t have to be an epic best seller. I like the everyday stories of people. People who, when you look at their lives, are all unique, special in some way.

I’ve always loved words and music, they are so powerful, they play such an important in how we communicate as human beings. I did a lot of writing when I worked in PR and employee communications, now, as a celebrant,  I love writing about people's lives, the things that matter to them, and finding the words to express the saddest or most joyous feelings. I also like to research and include in my ceremonies quotes, poems, readings, other people's words that seem to capture just what you'd want to say or how you feel. This means that the ceremonies I create are all really personal, tailored to you and to the occasion.

People often ask me, after a ceremony, whether I know the couple, or the person who has died, because the service was so personal. The answer is usually, "No." But  I find that if you put people at ease, listen, ask some gentle questions, they share a wonderful array of information which makes all the difference when I'm creating a really special ceremony. I'm open to new ideas, and have lots of experience to draw on so can offer you practical and tested advice. So, I’m well equipped to work with you to create a bespoke and truly memorable ceremony.

I get real pleasure from being able to help someone mark a special occasion in a way that is personal and memorable for them. Being trusted with such special occasions is a real privilege. I live on the borders of Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, and am happy to deliver ceremonies in those counties, as well as Buckinghamshire and Warwickshire, as well as further afield if you wish.

I completed my training in 2018, studying both the National Open College Network Diploma in Celebrancy: Namings and Couples and the Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy. I studied with Civil Ceremonies Ltd, and am a member of the Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC). Ongoing professional development is really important to me, keeping my skills and knowledge uptodate. I was honoured to be nominated for an AOIC award and enjoy being a regional rep with the Association, encouraging professionalism and a supportive network for celebrants. So you can trust me with your special occasion.

In 2022 I qualified as a Hatha and Yin yoga teacher and now teach a couple of nights a week. It's a nice balance with the work I do, and I love being able to share this lovely practice with my students. I'm also a great animal lover, in my view a house is not a home without at least four cats, and I enjoy every moment I spend with my horse.