Mark your special occasion in a truly personal way

Welcoming a child to the family, celebrating the love of two people for each other, or saying a final farewell to a loved one: three of the most significant events in our lives. Being able to mark these occasions in the way that you want and feel comfortable with is really important.

Sometimes the traditional way of marking these occasions might not be right for you. You might like more choice than is traditionally available, or want a mix of faith or cultural elements that can’t be accommodated by traditional routes. You’d just like to do it your way.

If so, as an independent celebrant, I can help you achieve exactly what you want. You can choose the words you say, who you want to involve, whether or not to include religious or spiritual content, and where and when you hold your ceremony. You can choose how you want your ceremony to be.  I can help you create a very personal, completely bespoke ceremony which you, your family and friends will remember for years - and for all the right reasons!

Ruth Mackman - Celebrant
Ruth Mackman - Celebrant