Things you need to know

My services

I intend for my services to be inclusive and accessible to all. If you or your guests have particular needs I will be happy to work with you and any other suppliers involved to ensure everyone is able to be part of your ceremony.

I want you to feel happy that you know how much a ceremony will cost, with no hidden surprises. But because every ceremony is unique, it’s best for me to give you a guide to costs here and suggest that you call me to discuss your plans so I can advise of any additional costs. Additional costs might be needed to cover travel expenses if your venue is outside of my usual travel area, overnight accommodation, or to cover rehearsal time. My fees start from:

  • Naming or welcome ceremony £225
  • Couple’s ceremony (wedding or partnership celebration, commitment ceremony) £350
  • Renewal of vows / anniversary celebration £300
  • Eulogy writing and scattering / interment of ashes £100
  • Memorial or funeral ceremony from £200

In putting together a ceremony for you, you will need to share contact details and personal information with me. I respect the importance of taking good care with this personal data. I have a Data Usage and Privacy Statement  which sets out the kind of information that you will be sharing with me, and how I will use it and safeguard it.