Couple’s ceremonies

If you want to declare your lifelong love for your partner, you’ll want a celebration that is unique and personal. If you’d like to choose when, where and how you make your declaration then a wedding or partnership celebration might just fit the bill.

A celebration ceremony will enable you to choose everything about your day. You can choose the vows you make to each other, you can give rings or re-dedicate the rings you have already given, you can select the readings and music you want to include, you can involve your friends and family as you wish. You can hold your celebration anywhere – the location doesn’t have to be licensed for marriages, and that means you can invite as many guests as your venue can accommodate. These ceremonies are for couples of any gender, and are usually held after the couple has completed the legal formalities, either the same day or afterwards. If you choose to hold your ceremony in a venue that is licensed, the registrar can complete the legal requirements and the bespoke celebration can follow.

A wedding celebration is a great option for couples who have had a legal marriage either in the UK or elsewhere but who would like to involve friends and family in their celebration at a later stage. Quite often couples who tie the knot abroad will have a celebration ceremony when they return home, meaning all their friends and family can share their special day.

If marriage isn’t for you, but being able to declare your commitment to your partner is important, then a commitment ceremony will give you the opportunity to do so, in the way you want.

And, couple’s ceremonies aren’t just for those starting on their journey together. You can celebrate milestones, such as wedding or relationship anniversaries, or renew your vows to show your partner your continued love for them.

Whatever type of celebration you would like, I can help you decide how to piece your ceremony together. And rest assured I'll work with the venue staff, musicians or photographers to make sure all the elements of your day work beautifully together.

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